Yoga for CFS

Kundalini House, Melbourne, has now introduced yoga classes aimed at those who experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

It is becoming recognised that a specialised yoga practice can help on the road to recovery.  We are pleased to be offering an introductory course for beginners and then an ongoing class to maintain your practice.


Introduction to Yoga for CFS
A course by Yoga Teacher, Jaye Hayes

Introduction to Yoga for CFS offers a practical & philosophical foundation for living well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This 8 week program provides a pathway to improved physical & mental wellbeing based on a compassionate & intelligent approach to working with/in the body.

The course combines ‘active rest’ with ‘restful action’ to enable students to gently expand their capacity. Students are guided to engage in self-inquiry, to develop self-awareness & to practice self-care. This process encourages students to discover the wisdom within the illness.

Introduction to Yoga for CFS comprises 2 classes/week & includes:

Restorative Yoga – active rest
Restorative Yoga is a practice dedicated to constructive rest; it emphasises being rather than doing & provides a nourishing experience of mindfully resting the body. It encourages students to accept & respect the body’s need for deep rest. It makes extensive use of props to create a well-supported practice that allows students with CFS to rest deeply into the restorative postures, without physical or mental stress. Individual attention is given to each student to ensure that the practice meets & supports your body & nourishes your energy.

Recovery Yoga – restful action
Recovery Yoga is a carefully graduated introduction to active yoga practice for students with CFS. The practice begins gently & progresses slowly, adapting to individual needs along the way. It focuses on the development of skills that enable students with CFS to ‘work smarter, not harder’. There is an emphasis on releasing techniques & clarity of alignment to minimize unnecessary effort & uncover more energy efficient ways of being. Yoga poses are reconfigured into more accessible forms that build strength & stamina without fatiguing or stressing the body & mind. Yoga props are used extensively to provide adequate support to enable students to enter poses with ease & open the body to the flow of breath & energy.

Body-Mind Centering®
Body-Mind Centering® is a movement & mindfulness practice that facilitates the exploration of body-mind relationships. It is an investigative approach to working with/in the body that includes experiential anatomy, somatic self-awareness & systemic re-patterning. Jaye integrates BMC principles into her yoga teaching to offer students a deeper level of engagement with the systems of the body that contribute to the individual’s experience of fatigue and wellness.

Students without CFS welcome!

For those in a more acute phase of illness, Restorative Yoga classes are the place to start!

Contact the teacher to discuss your health needs & the suitability of this course before enrolling. Jaye Hayes


For more information or to book into the course please contact us at

Kundalini House
1/391 St Georges Rd
North Fitzroy

03 9482 4325

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    Yoga Pathways
    A course by Yoga Teacher, Jaye Hayes

    Yoga Pathways provides a supported & sustainable yoga practice for students with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    It is suitable for those who are in a recovery or management phase & have completed the Introduction to Yoga for CFS course. It offers a progressive practice specific to the needs of students with CFS.

    This class refines foundational body awareness skills & develops the ability to apply intelligent embodiment in new ways, not only in yoga practice but also in everyday life.

    The support of yoga props & clarity of alignment facilitate a gradual transition from supine poses to supported standing poses. This process unfolds slowly, with an emphasis on consolidation & repetition to enable students to build strength & stamina without fatiguing or stressing the body & mind.

    This creates an experience of easeful growth & expanded capacity that is authentic & sustainable, while also providing a responsive & flexible support structure to navigate fluctuations in energy levels.

    Classes emphasize self-inquiry & self-care, & offer students with CFS a sustainable pathway to improved physical & mental wellbeing.

    Yoga Pathways is suitable for students who have completed the Introduction to Yoga for CFS course or have previous yoga experience. Students without CFS welcome!

    Mondays 1:30 – 3pm
    Courses begin the weeks beginning: Feb 4; March 18; April 29; June 10
    (suitable for students with yoga experience)

    Restorative Yoga
    Restorative practice is also the foundation of yoga practice for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is designed to be accessible to people at any phase of illness. read more

    Tuesdays 5-6:15pm

    Meet your teacher:
    Jaye Hayes

    Jaye is an artist/dancer/writer/teacher living with CFS. She has been a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga for 18 years & is an experienced yoga teacher of 6 years practice. She trained in Contemporary Dance at Deakin University (2002) & worked for several years as a dance-maker & new media artist. She completed an Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training course with Alan Goode & taught at Resonate Yoga before returning to teacher training with Peter & Sue Scott at Yoga Jivana. When chronic illness changed her direction in life she went on to study Dance Movement Therapy at IDTIA. She has been practicing Body-Mind Centering for 6 years & participates in ongoing training with Alice Cummins. Jaye has used her skills in contemporary dance, movement therapies, meditation, Iyengar yoga & BMC to navigate a path to living well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Reconfiguring her yoga practice to support her health needs has been essential to her recovery process & she is enthusiastic about sharing her experience & knowledge with others living with CFS.
    She continues to work (slowly!) towards her goals of becoming a certified Iyengar yoga teacher & dance therapist.